Our mission is to supply products and services that deliver greater safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability to industrial operations worldwide.

The CB Story

For over 70 years, Canadian Bearings has focused on delivering products and solutions efficiently to our customers. We have become the industrial supplier of choice for many of Canada’s manufacturers because of our proven performance, continuous improvement, and ability to deliver consistent cost savings, and commitment to our customers.

Today, CB is a lot more than bearings. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of products in the industry with nine categories of product solutions. Our customers have the choice of getting one part or fulfilling their entire needs in each of the categories. At CB, we have continuously improved our ability to help customers save money through technical solutions and are ready to deliver more. CB has pioneered many supply chain solutions that have enabled our customers to achieve significant cost savings, compress cycle time and improve asset utilization. We have a comprehensive range of solutions culminating in an integrated supply system with dedicated sales and implementation teams, and all the necessary processes.

More than the competition

  • Breadth and depth of product selection – good / better / best choices
  • Technical expertise across all product lines with continuous cost savings
  • Customized supply chain solutions resulting in significant savings in time and money
  • Smart Program Solutions offering synergy of product solutions, technical solutions and supply chain solutions
  • Ultimate in cost savings: CB Innovative Enterprise Solutions
  • CAMSC Supplier of the Year – 2019 Nomination
  • CSPN Customer Centric Award – 2019 Winner
  • Human Synergistics Canada Award of Merit for Culture – 2017 Winner


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