Motors, Drives and Lighting

Read more about our Motors, Drives and Lighting program solutions.

CB Motor Management Program is designed to help industry create significant energy and cost savings by increasing motor system efficiency. Our strategy is to support plant managers in implementing a systems approach to identifying motor systems specifications, purchasing, and managing electric motors and related machines so as to minimize the power required to achieve production goals. In addition, the CB MMP is designed to identify cost savings opportunities through lighting retrofit project, electric drive application, condition monitoring, and power factor correction.

AC/DC Controls

We offer drives to control speed, torque, acceleration, positioning, synchronization and overall performance. Our reliable and innovative drives will support any automation application and provide major energy savings.

AC/DC Electric Motors

We carry an extensive inventory of electric motors so unplanned motor failures and downtimes are no longer a concern. We will help you select the best available motor options to match your application and offer you replacement considerations to optimize long-term energy cost savings and reliability.

MRO Electrical Products

We offer a completed range of electrical products for your maintenance, repair and operation needs.

Motor Modifications and Repair Services

We offer a full range of electrical repair services, including:

  • AC/DC drives
  • Calibration
  • Circuit boards
  • AC & DC motor repair, rewind and AC & DC motor repair, rewind and modifications
  • Renewal parts
  • Servo controls
  • Servo motors


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