Mechanical Power Transmission

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With over 70 years’ industry experience, you can trust that CB will deliver on all of your Bearings and Powertrain needs. CB has partnered with top national brands at various price points to best serve our customers effectively. We provide a comprehensive range of bearing, seal and PT products critical to your plant's operations, and support them with our trusted technical expertise. CB can provide you documented cost savings on total cost of ownership to ensure sustainable value for your money. We do this by offering customized bearings and PT solutions for your equipment and applications, managing inventory of critical parts, OEM conversion, consolidation of suppliers, fit to function, and fit to environment.


We stock one of the largest inventories of roller chains and attachments and offer many different types, sizes, and varieties of drive chains to meet your needs. Like roller chains, we offer conveyor chains in varied types, sizes, and attachments and can supply standard or custom-made engineering class chains. In addition, we offer a wide range of problemsolving specialty chains designed for every application.

Clutches and Brakes

We offer clutch and brake products in a wide range of applications specific to lifts/elevators, material handling, tension control systems, automotive, aviation, defense, aerospace, medical, new energies and printing/packaging industries.


We carry a wide range of couplings to meet virtually any requirement including chain, disc, flexible, gear, grid, jaw and universal joints. Whether you need more flexibility, lower maintenance, high torque load protection, simple cost-effective performance or something else, we can specify a coupling to suit you.

Drive Belts

We have the largest inventory of V-Belts in the industry and one of the fastest turnarounds. From our full range of V-Belts to our premium, lower noise synchronous drive belts, we will also help you be more profitable by reducing your downtime and energy consumption.


With thousands of gears in stock we will help you gear-up for greater productivity. We can help you choose from helical, bevel, spur and worm gears to custom-made gears.

Speed Reducers

We offer standard and custom-made gear unit solutions that can be used in almost any mechanical power transmission field. Our range of speed reducers includes bevel, concentric, cycloidal, helical, in-line, parallel shaft, planetary, right angle, shaft mount and worm.


We offer an extensive range of the highest quality sheaves and pulleys and associated components. Finish bore, FHP, QD, split taper, taper lock, timing, and variable speed sheaves or pulleys are all available in various materials and options and are backed by full manufacturer technical support.


We have access to the largest selection of application-matched, shaftready sprockets in all possible sizes. In addition, we can offer re-bores, alterations and made-to-order sprockets in days, not weeks. Our sprockets are available in split taper, taper lock, shear pin, minimum or finished bore types.

Power Transmission Accessories

Repair Services

We offer a full range of mechanical repair services including repair of:

  • Actuators
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Gear Couplings
  • Gear Units and Reducers
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Universal Joints


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